Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The last time we were together was for a photo shoot around 1986 in the MIAMI VICE days.
I had the pleasure of seeing her recently at the University of Miami Ring Theater reunion... I was there as a friend of the theater, a guest of my friend Ivy Gordon (Tobin) who was a U of M graduate along with Saundra.

While she was in town from New York for the reunion she booked a shoot with me for some new publicity photos. Here's the one she picked for her facebook page.

... and two more for the 8x10s.


  1. Saundra looks amazing! The picture captures her spirit as well as her beauty. Great work David

  2. Great rare pictures !!! Saundra still is the most photogenic 1980's peach of a girl, and you are champion in art with your camera. As I am German I often compare her to our actress Iris Berben, about same style and age, photoshooting both toghether would be one of my dreams.


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